Take a good look. These are all the Las Vegas sports athletes who were traded away, cut, or sidelined for health reasons. Just look at how much talent Las Vegas has lost over the years!

#5 The Las Vegas Aces lose Kayla McBride

#5 The Las Vegas Aces lose Kayla McBride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTXkk6LuTDw

Kayla McBride might not sound like the biggest Superstar in the WNBA, but she was a key part of the Las Vegas Aces' march to the Finals.  Between her consistency behind the arc,  and her ability to keep things competitive, she was an important piece of that unit in 2020. Looking at her stat sheet, she started 22 games in 2020 and accounted for 12.5 points a game, a field goal percentage of .452, and a .352 average behind the arc. Again, those might seem like small numbers compared to what other stars put up, but she was critical during a period when the Aces lost Liz Cambage.

She eventually left the team in 2021 and now plays for the Minnesota Lynx.

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